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Welcome to the Teckids Educational Academy . Let's share knowledge together and strengthen our defenses.

Teckids Start

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One of the actions we promote in  schools, private companies, NGOs, associations  and other diverse establishments are the lectures and the events.  The contents are normally divided into 4 audiences:

  • Adults, children - 9 to 18 years old;

  • adults only

  • Kids Only - we've included a technical workshop as well;

  • Educators Only - Usually in schools

Who has already invited or supported us in lectures and events

Trainings and Courses

We select and produce trainings to reach the social network of child protection online at home and in schools. In this way, we have developed exclusive content for parents and children up to 18 years of age and educators so that they can replicate the discipline with peace of mind. 

What can we do together?

There are many actions that we can develop together so that the message reaches children who are already using the internet today. Let's go together?

Thank you for the message!
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