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Sessão de terapia


If you want to look for the perfect body, try social media. These are photos and videos produced, edited, adjusted so that everything looks perfect. Hence the great concern in the interpretation that children make when comparing themselves and seeking to obtain the life described on the Internet. There are many health problems that affect children and adolescents for the simple fact that there is a great deal of misinformation on all sides. Attention to what the child learns from influencers and unprepared people, who bring life experiences as absolute truth, on the Internet.

Mulher e psicóloga

The Internet is a perfect environment to disrupt a child's health

  • cyberbullying

  • Depression;

  • Self-mutilation (Cutting) - when the child cuts himself, he is physically mistreated);

  • Dangerous games - See what the Instituto dimicuida ( ) says about it:

    • They are not jokes, they are not games, they are VERY risky practices that can lead to the worst consequences.

    • Think of you….

    • Think about the people you love and who care so much about you….

    • Don't take any chances….Once can be the ONLY TIME!

Dangerous pranks, lack of common sense and neglect of influencers, often adults.

Segurando uma maçã

Teckids believes that psychological, personal and professional development supported by healthcare professionals transforms. The situation of many children is one of psychological and physical violence in addition to total discouragement and security. 

Pornography and Child Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM - Child Sexual Abuse Material)

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