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The child sees on the Internet an opportunity to communicate, make friends, show his quality and hide what he considers defective and is not primarily concerned with risks. Because they are “natives” of the Internet, they were educated and learned to live with the absence of rules and control of the digital environment and without supervision the child is at risk. There is little care.

There are no precise controls on the Internet that guarantee the safety of people so it is an inappropriate environment for children. If it is necessary, we will need to learn to protect.

Predators have clear goals and will use technology to their advantage, without measuring efforts. Below are common techniques used by recruiters:

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  • Use of false profiles, pretending to be the same age, community, school or family friend;

  • Use of private chats (social networks, networks that have many security controls, applications to which the user is anonymous;

  • Use of cameras and recording applications to be used later to blackmail the child and make him hostage to fear in exchange for criminal sexual practice;

  • Purchase of virtual gifts that parents or guardians are unaware of and therefore do not suspect that the child is making a commitment to someone. It is common to buy online games, avatars and resources acquired in online games.

The purchase phase of gifts and present something to the child who can make sense of vor inúmerosveículos how to buy armor, online games and keeping secrets. Gifts can be even more sophisticated until the predator is sure that the child is "trustworthy".

The predator easily identifies children who care about their appearance and post photos and videos awaiting clear feedback.

There are many challenges in collecting and analyzing data on the Internet and, therefore, the collaboration of all in the detailed observation of behavior and technologies used by children and adolescents is of paramount importance.

/violência sexual

73% of cases occur indoors

The child is vulnerable, from any social class.

Não existe perfil de abusador - Homem ou Mulher.

There is no excuse for violence. Communication is minimal, even if it bothers.

Data above ChildHood.

Those who most identify sexual violence against children are hospitals and schools. And what to do in isolation?

/Protection net

Child Protection Actions

500 thousand rapes a year in Brazil

90% non-notification;

Then between 10 cases 1 is notified.

IPEA data .

  • Educate the child about "body safety"; Nobody can touch it.

  • Also report any doubts. Let the police check;

  • Believe in the child, support, talk and stand beside him;

  • Never judge the child by sexualized clothing or behavior as a reason for sexual violence. Nothing justifies violence. Never.

  • Get rid of the violent life, take care of the child and his health, even if they have financial issues raised. Difficulties can be resolved, violence with the child has irreversible consequences.

  • If you are not with the child, when you are with them, dedicate your time with quality, seek to know, talk.


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